Identity & Access Management Solutions

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a useful tool that allows you to fulfill the rising requirements concerning user-, access- and authorization management. Our solutions follow a modular design principle and constitute a bridge between the complexity of combining diverse systems, integration of a variety of processes in lifecycle management and easy-to-understand implementation and realization. In this way, you achieve the highest possible acceptance by users and optimal cost-efficiency in implementation and operation.

We are

  • Long-time NetIQ Platinum Partner
  • Cooperation partner of NetIQ consulting
  • Knowledge partner for the NetIQ support forum
  • Accredited Micro Focus/NetIQ beta-tester

This allows you to work securely all the time:

Integrate your applications in a powerful IAM system

IAM implemented efficiently. Learn how: Download (PDF)

Introducing IAM is technically complex, risky and expensive? It doesn’t have to be that way: Download (PDF)

Our services

  • Autonomous consultation
  • Analysis and concept:
    • Focusing on the organizational and procedural shape
    • Integration of IT, the specialist division, as well as revision and IT-security
    • Development and implementation of roll- and authorization models
    • Analysis of the current state
  • Creation of specification sheets and calls for proposals
  • Project management
  • Technical implementation
  • Documentation
  • Operation

Integration into your company applications

Your benefits

We support you in creating a system environment, where always the proper accounts, master data and authorizations exist. You are able to fulfill all legal, contractual and internal obligations und demonstrate this at any time – with highest flexibility, optimal operative efficiency and greatest possible security.



We consider IAM a typical cross-sectional issue that affects all systems and areas and also includes special divisions. In the end they  know best, who needs which accounts and authorizations for his or her daily work. Besides technical realization, we consider it our task to include all parties in time and develop a sustainable concept for your IAM environment that incorporates all decisive aspects.




Experience shows that complex projects like IAM need perfectly balanced project management. Our project managers possess all necessary skills to create a whole out of many little pieces. Our Advanced Integration Elements concept makes such plans calculable, hence you know from the start what your solution is going to cost without having to fear surprising extra-expenditures.



We offer year-long experience and comprehensive knowledge especially in the field of “governance, risk &compliance,” which is decisive for merging classical identity management and access governance solutions. Use our expertise!


Learn more about IAM


    Rudi Synoradzki

    Team leader Identity and Access Management




      Learn more about IAM


        Rudi Synoradzki

        Team Leader Identity and Access Management