Identity & Access Management Solutions

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a tool that helps you meet the increasing demands of user administration as well as access and authorization management. Our modular solutions form a bridge between the complexity of connecting different system environments integrated with multiple processes in lifecycle management and simple, understandable implementation and usability. In this way you achieve the highest user acceptance and greatest possible efficiency in implementation and operation.


Our Service

  • Independent Advice 
  • Analysis and Design
    • Focus on Organizational and Process Design
    • Integration of IT, Departments as well as Audit and IT Security
    • Development and Implementation of Role and Authorization Models
    • Analysis of the Actual Situation
  • Preparation of Specifications and Tenders
  • Project Management
  • Technical Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Operation

Your Benefit

We support you in creating a system environment in which the right accounts, master data and authorizations are always available. You can observe all statutory, contractual, and internal rules and prove the compliance of this at any time - with maximum flexibility, optimum operating efficiency and greatest safety. We see IAM as a classic cross-section issue that affects all systems and areas and also integrates the departments. Finally, it knows best who needs what accounts and permissions for their daily work. Besides technical implementation, we also regard it our duty to integrate all parties in a timely manner as well as create and implement a future-oriented overall concept for your IAM environment taking into account all aspects. Here it has been shown that complex projects like IAM require precisely tuned project management. Our project managers have all the requirements to put together a large project from many small parts. Our concept of Advanced Integration Elements makes such projects predictable, so you know from the beginning what your solution costs without having to reckon with surprising overspending.

In particular, we can provide years of experience and extensive knowledge for the "Governance, Risk & Compliance" issue, for whose implementation both classical identity management and access governance solutions must be combined. Take advantage of our expertise!


Your Contact

Rudi Synoradzki

Tel.: +49 911 - 477 107 - 40